DUCATI MONSTER 821 test ride Termignoni Exhaust

This is the Ducati Monster 8 to 1 I test out the MTO 9 a couple days ago and this is totally on par with it like is in a direct competitor I’d say because it feels so similar like the weight of it this is quite a light bikes not as light as the MTO 9 but it is still really nimble you can really feel the weight difference especially from the prettier shiver to this and it’s an absolute weapon it is really really quick it goes so well the response is unbelievable you literally turn the throttle and it just dials in it is um is unreal really really pleased averse this is a really nice bike and to be honest this would be quite a contender and I taste something this is got the termi exhaust so this comes as like a free option at the moment if you buy the 8 to 1 I think it’s to like the end of July the deal and if you buy it it’s comes with the term the exhaust but this is have the baffles removed literally it is so bloody loud I’m gonna do like a little demo just to show you what it sounds like I’ve come to quite a remote part as you can see I just don’t want to have any like horses or any cattle around me.
because it is that loud I’ve just been driving up there or riding up the road a couple of seconds ago and a young girl had she put her hands over her ears blessa but yeah this is an absolute weapon of a bikes absolutely beautiful,Ducati Fairings, I really didn’t expect it it’s a really aggressive but it’s just so nice to ride I’ve ridden it through town and it seems alright it’s like the clutch is fine the gearshift is fine it’s easy to find neutral and yeah what’s not to like so this is really cold this is really cool I’m really pleased I managed to get this out today still not too sure about the headlight it’s got quite a sort of a retro style headlight something you’d expect to see like on a Honda or something but yeah I think it’s really really nice so I’m just going to do a demo of the sound of it and hope I don’t annoy anyone that lives in this sort of like sort of like within a mile radius because it is really so let’s start it up and give you guys a little demo of that okay so just starting it up and it’s got a beautiful TFT screen gonna the sun’s gonna own oh there you go he does pick it up okay so we’ve actually got a fuel gauge as well which is something,r6 fairings, I’ve really wanted on and the other two bikes don’t have that but nice rev counter really easy to see got your speed your gear gear indicator average speed range left in the tank yeah yeah it’s got a nice screen alright let’s give this a stop make sure I’m in neutral.
you see what I mean by that being really loud that is insane I saw almost feel embarrassed doing that I don’t even know if there’s any houses close to me but I’ve had to try and find okay so I don’t piss people off but yeah anyway this is the 81 and I’m gonna be riding this for the next hour before I go and pick up mine and I’ll catch you guys very very soon Cheers

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