An example of a good polo shirt.

The word of polo shirt started when polo sports player; a sport similar to soccer where player grouped as a team using horses as a ride and use a long grip hammer to hit small white ball and strike goals to the opponents.

At that time, polo sports players wear shirts that have longsleeves and buttoned collar also made from a clothing material called Oxford-cloth. Its particular characteristicsof this collared shirt is the general image of polo shirt, mostly after onehawker and a polo sports player from Argentine produced this collared shirtswith logos of polo sports player added embroidery on the chest part of everyshirts.

After that, there’s Ralph Lauren that produced this polo shirtsand also added logo polo sports players unto polo shirts that he produced,because of his popularity the term of polo shirt and or polo shirts know farwide and became its primary characteristics of a polo shirts products.

In other sports as tennis polo shirts also gained popularity atthe approximately ninetieth century and early twenty century, sportswear fortennis isn’t really comfortable, rolled up long sleeves, there is buttons and flannel trousers, and ties.

A man named Rene Lacoste, a seven times Grand Slam champion. Hedesigned a much more comfortable and better to wear for tennis. This type of collared shirt named as pique, this upper wear white, short sleeved, buttons, small pocket onthe front of the chest and a long collar with a comfortable and flexible material.

Lacoste used the product of his collared shirtin 1926 at the US Open championship, and for this clothing identity in 1927onwards Lacoste added a small crocodile logo to the left chest of his clothes,because he was known as the alligator. At that time the polo shirt was not massproduced, but since 1933, Lacoste, who had retired from professional tennis,collaborated with his partner to market clothing with the Lacoste brand to thewider community, of course with the crocodile’s logo on the collar.

In addition to the above name there is one more name of a tennis player and the founder of the famous brand of polo shirt / collar shirt production brands, especially in the world of fashion and taking part in making collar shirts a trend in the fashion world, he is Fred Perry, one tennis player called as one of the six biggest tennis players in history. In addition, Perry is also a table tennis player and inventor of the sweatband.

With his success as a tennis player, Perry in 1940 was approached by an Australian football player named Tibby Wegner, and then they began the production of polo shirt or collar shirts with the same characteristics as those described above and became a very successful sports wear. Now the Fred Perry brand is owned by a Japanese company and has become one of the fashion icons for polo shirts / collar shirts.

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